commissions 101

So What Are They?

Commissions are custom artwork with a price. Similar to how you would pay an architecture company to a brand new house of your design, when you commission an artist, you pay them to draw something of your choice.

HOW do i choose which artist to commission?

Just like house builders, every artist specializes in different areas. Some may specialize in character design, some photo-realism, and some in animal portraits. You don't ask the photo-realism artist to draw a cute, cartoon rabbit with a hat. So pick an artist who's artwork reflects what you're looking for!

WHY ARE THE Prices so expensive? 

They aren't. But unfortunately, art (and all creativity, for that matter) has been undervalued, overlooked, and misunderstood throughout history. The slow degradation of the value of art - its importance, its relevance- is deeply woven in our society, and is what enforces tropes such as the 'starving artist' and what drives a rift between the field of art and the field of STEM. I urge you to reconsider how you measure the value of art. Is it just a piece of paper to you? What is it that makes it art? What is in the lines, the color, the shapes, that moves you? Perhaps you'll see the value that we artists see. It goes beyond the dollar, doesn't it?